Does Bet365 accept Bitcoin?

No, Bet365 does not accept bitcoin at the moment.

Bet365 is one of the gambling sites, which has a trusted interface, responsible for acquiring such a large database of subscribers. With a large number of punters putting a trust over the site, bet365 often sees a large chunk of people preferring different payment methods. Some prefer card payment, while some take the assistance of merchant-based payment options.

With so many payment methods in the taking, bet365 has opened up safer options, which comes with SSL encryption backing of 128-bit SSL. However, the site also contains a super safe payment method, which is barely accepted by the handful number of sites today.

Bitcoins Appearance

  • Bet365 has explored the vastness of payment methods and has a provision to accept bitcoins. However, the site does not accept direct bitcoins as a payment method and instead allows punters to trade using Neteller.
  • It is a simple task to sign up with Neteller, and the site is free of cost as well. Much like PayPal, this is a virtual wallet and has a superior level of encryptions as well. Neteller is available in almost all the top gambling websites, where the main reason behind is the encryption and promise.
  • The flipside with Neteller, however, is the availability to USA based punters. Thus, bet365 bitcoins punters from the USA, require seeking a different way.
  • bet365 bitcoins are saved in the bet365 wallet. All the rewards and bonuses won in the site are reflected back with the proper conversions, and a punter can stand to win big.
  • Neteller promises to trade with enhanced security, which makes the trade with bitcoins a lot safer. As it is, cryptocurrencies are taken to be a safe payment alternative, and bitcoins are perhaps the safest of the lot.
  • A punter can invest bitcoins in any game of his/ her choice, once all the signing formalities are completed.