Bet365 Australia vs Pointsbet vs Ladbrokes vs Betfair: Who Wins?

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In this article, I will review and compare Bet365, PointsBet, Ladbrokes and Betfair. With that in mind, I hope that my article can help you find the bookie that fits your needs as a pundit.

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Sports & Markets: Bet365 Wins 

When it comes to the number of sports and markets you can bet on, Bet365 in Australia takes the win. Let’s take a detailed look at how our selected bookies fare in this category.

Bet365: Score 5/5

Without a doubt, a household name across the globe, Bet365 in Australia also offers a rich selection of sports and markets you can bet on. This includes the most popular sports in the world, like soccer or basketball but also popular Aussie sports like horse racing, rugby, tennis, cricket, Australian Rules football, etc.

Bet365 has more than 35 sports you can bet on, as well as over 150 different markets for the most popular sports and leagues. That why I often play at Bet365 and if you want to visit Bet365 as well to take advantage of this great selection of sports I would say go for it – just keep in mind that 365AU is not a bonus code.

Ladbrokes: Score 4/5

Ladbrokes Australia is only slightly trailing behind Bet365 in this department, with over 25 sports offered. Of course, soccer and popular sports in Australia are covered more heavily but the overall selection is still pretty good.

The number of markets is a bit lower than Bet365 but you can find events with over 140 markets and betting options, especially AFL matches.

PointsBet: Score 5/5

If you are a fan of spread betting, PointsBet Australia is the best and perhaps only choice for you. But in terms of sports and markets offered, they are definitely one of the best you can find.

There is a plethora of sports you can bet on, including Aussie Rules football, cricket, rugby, soccer, basketball, tennis, boxing and many others. When it comes to markets available, you can’t find any bookie with more exotic markets to offer. However, since they only offer spread betting, we give a slight edge to Bet365 in this department.

Betfair: Score: 3/5

Betfair Australia is not a typical bookie – it is a betting exchange website where you “bet” against other people who set the odds for certain events. All this means that Betfair depends on users to determine sports events and markets to cover, which is why it doesn’t fare well in this department. 

While there is a variety of sports offered, if there is no one interested in setting the odds then you can’t bet on them. That’s why only the most popular sports and markets are commonly found on Betfair.

Sport Odds: Betfair Wins 

It is a tight race in the odds department, although there is a clear winner here with a perhaps unfair advantage of being a betting exchange website instead of a traditional bookmaker. So, let’s check out how our competitors fared in this department.

Bet365: Score 5/5

Bet365 has great odds, which is one of the reasons why this bookie is so popular across the world. But if you are wondering how is Bet365 in Australia doing in the odds department, you may be pleased to learn that it is one of the best bookmakers in this respect.

They have a bookmaker margin of 5%, which rates them on top of Australian sports betting providers, along with the winner in this category Betfair. And if you want to check out those odds and visit Bet365, remember that 365AU is not a bonus code.

Ladbrokes: Score 4/5

When it comes to traditional bookies in Australia, Ladbrokes is a close second in the odds department behind Bet365. 

Still, my job is to compare our competitors in this category, so Ladbrokes gets a slightly worse mark for odds on the major sports and markets.

PointsBet: Score N/A

Since PointsBet is a spread betting bookmaker, that means that there are no odds you can bet on. They make their profit through the spread instead and the spread is determined based on the volatile of the market involved.

With that in mind, it seems a bit unfair to give a low mark to PointsBet in the odds department, which is why I have decided to leave it without a mark for this category.

Betfair: Score 5/5

While Betfair has an average bookmaker margin of 5%, it takes the win in this category because you can find better odds here since odds are created by bettors on the exchange.

That means that there is a fluctuation and if you are savvy and know where to look, you can find fantastic odds on some events. In my opinion, Betfair takes the cake in this category.

Bet365 Australia vs Pointsbet vs Ladbrokes vs Betfair: Additional Features 

Now that I have done the comparison for the most important things a sports betting website has to offer, it is time to check how our competitors stand with additional features which are sometimes as important as sports, markets, and odds.

Live Stream 

Live streaming is often complementary to live betting but you won’t be able to find Bet365 live betting in Australia or with any other operator for that matter since live betting is illegal in Australia. That’s why many people ask me is Bet365 legal in Australia, not aware that just live betting and casino games are illegal, while online sports betting is legal.

That being said, let’s take a look at live streaming options that our competitors offer on their websites.

Bet365: Score 5/5

A clear winner in this category, Bet365 offers live streaming for many different sports and events. Live streaming is nicely complemented with a wealth of statistics, both before the kick-off and during the matches, which is something that I find incredibly helpful and important.

In order to watch live streams at Bet365, you need to have a funded account or at least have a bet settled in the past 24 hours. Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

Ladbrokes: Score: 5/5

Although live streaming is available at Ladbrokes for Australian players, they don’t offer as many different sports and matches as Bet365. The service is still good and you can find plenty to watch but overall it’s slightly less satisfying compared to the winner in this category.

Same as with Bet365, you need a funded account or a settled bet in the past 24 hours to watch live streams.

PointsBet: Score 2/5

Until recently, PointsBet was completely without any live streaming options but that has changed since the operator launched a new racing channel in Australia. This will allow players to watch over 2,000 live streams on a weekly basis, but only horse racing streams will be available.

Perhaps PointsBet plans to incorporate other sports into their live streaming channel in the future and I certainly hope that is the case but for now, they offer substantially less than other operators in this department.

Betfair: Score 3/5

Betfair provides a Live Video service for its players. This service mostly covers horse racing and greyhounds but you may be able to catch some other sport occasionally, particularly soccer, tennis and snooker.

I like what Betfair has to offer in this department but it is still a level below Ladbrokes and especially Bet365.

Mobile Experience 

Smartphones are slowly but steadily taking the lead in the world of online sports betting as more and more pundits choose to bet on their mobile devices than desktop computers and laptops. 

I know I have been using my phone more than ever to place bets on the go, so this category can be very important to many Australians. Let’s take a look at what our bookies have to offer in this regard.

Bet365: Score 5/5

You can get the Bet365 app for both Android and iOS. To download the iOS app, visit the App Store. To get the Android app, go to the Bet365 website to download it directly. Don’t forget to use Bet365 referral code Australia but remember that 365AU is not a bonus code.

The Bet365 app is truly a well-designed app, with a clear intention to provide the same experience as you get on the website. It is easy to navigate and features that recognizable design and colours that make Bet365 known worldwide.

You can find all the sports and markets on the app that are available on the website as well and use the same features. That means that you can watch live streams on the app as well.

Ladbrokes: Score 5/5

Ladbrokes also offers apps for both Android and iOS devices and provides a great betting experience for its players. They have managed to recreate the performance that you get on the website and even improve it a bit by making the layout on the app simpler and easier to navigate.

Of course, you can bet on all the sports and markets that you can also find on the website and watch live streams on the app.

PointsBet: Score 3/5

The PointsBet app is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. While the app itself mimics the website faithfully, it offers little in terms of interactivity. The design is good and moving around is simple.

Another problem that the app has is the lack of live streaming, as well as providing only a few payment methods for the players.

Betfair: Score 5/5

This operator has a solid app, with many features that make it as useful as the website. You can get the app on your iOS and Android devices. The app has a user-friendly design, with easy navigation and the ability to place a bet in a matter of seconds.

You can also use some of the popular features, like the ability to set a default stake, adjustable liquidity slider, and live streaming.

Final Thoughts: Which One to Choose? 

If you are a fan of sports betting and you live in Australia, there are certain limitations to your enjoyment in this activity. I hate the fact that live betting is made illegal because I feel more confident in placing a bet after I have seen how the game develops.

However, there are plenty of solid choices when it comes to sports betting websites in Australia and the four I have reviewed are definitely at the very top. Personally, I find Bet365 to bet the cream of the crop, so I suggest checking it out and creating an account with a 365AU referral code. Keep in mind that 365AU is not a bonus code!

To summarize, each of the websites I have reviewed has specific advantages and fares better in some categories than others. I hope that my comparison was useful and helped you find the best sports betting website for yourself.