Does Bet365 offer Exchange Betting?

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Expires on: 31-12-2024
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Online betting is an industry, which is thriving on innovations from day 1. Without innovation, it is not possible to progress and adapt to user needs. One such development is the introduction of betting exchange by several top-rated bookmakers. As of today, Bet365 does not have this option. Users can refer to the Bet365 websites for up to date information on what is available.

Exchange Facts

  • A notable player in Exchange Betting is Matchbook. The bookmaker has made a name for itself in the industry and their betting exchange gives punters a chance to compete against other punters rather than the bookie. Matchbook provides a fair rate for the punter, where a person does not pay out any conversion percentage for an intermediary. This is one of the biggest advantages of online exchange.
  • Other main benefits of the Matchbook exchange include higher odds percentage. This is of course, circumstantial and only comes in accordance with different games. The profit level of the bookmaker is not mentioned and the punter only pays a smaller cut over the winnings.
  • A punter can always sell bets in the proceedings, which will start up newer prospects as well. Against that bet, a large number of punters will put stakes, which can turn in to a competitive encounter.
  • The UK betting exchange is a chief body controlling all the proceedings. There are leading gambling websites, which has enrolled in the mix of things, and have started their own exchange agencies.
  • Matchbook and other sites do charge some amount of percentage, however, this is much lower than what it is when punter go to traditional betting bookmakers.