Bet365 Live Streaming Review 2024

Bet365 is one of the most popular online gambling companies mostly known for its sports betting service. However, you might not know that they also have a live streaming feature for most popular sports. This is my Bet365 Live Streaming Review.

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

What is Bet365 Live Streaming?

Bet365 is a popular website among betting enthusiasts as it’s one of the largest sports betting companies. They offer live streaming services for various sports, which allows bettors to track the matches they have placed a bet on. Even if you don’t plan to place bets, you can use their live streaming features to watch your favourite matches.

Let’s explore more about this in the Bet365 live streaming review.

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Bet365 Live Streaming Features

  • Live Betting

One of the most useful features of Bet365 live streaming that I found is the live betting system. It allowed me to place different types of bets during the live stream. Placing bets while analyzing the match in real-time is an experience that bettors will enjoy.

And there’s no doubt that it’s better than following live scores and commentaries. I think the idea of placing bets while watching the match will definitely interest plenty of bettors.

  • Multi-View

The multi-view allowed me to watch not just one but two live streams at the same time, while also placing bets during both the streams. I tried betting on two different live streams at the time – a cricket match and a football game. Both streams played smoothly and placing bets was fairly easy.

Seasoned bettors, who have experience tracking multiple games at the same time, will be impressed by the convenience that Multi-View provides. New and novice bettors may find it somewhat confusing to track two games simultaneously but they will get used to it after a few attempts.

  • In-Built Scheduler

The scheduler lets me set reminders for match timings. It’s a simple feature that gives full information about the bet365 live streaming schedule. I think it will serve its purpose better for serious users who frequently place bets on a number of sports.

Bet 365 Live Streaming Review

The primary objective of bet365 live streaming is to facilitate the betting process for their users. But this feature is not just for bettors, it also works as bet365 live sport streaming TV for non-betting people.

What I liked most about live streaming on bet365 is that it’s designed for convenience and delivers positive user experience. Being an occasional bettor without much experience, I still found it convenient to manage bets on not just one but two streams.

And I was also impressed with the variety of sports that were available for live streaming, so bettors can certainly get their hands full with plenty of games to bet on.

All in all, bet365 live streaming works as an additional feature that boosts the betting experience, while also standing out on its own as a sports streaming service.

How to Access Live Streaming on Bet 365

  • To access live streaming on bet365, a registered account is required. I have an active account so all I had to do was log in, but if you’re a new user then you need to get registered first.
  • After I’m logged in, there are two ways I can watch the live streams. The first is to have some amount deposited in my bet365 account, and the second is if I have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.
  • It wouldn’t be wrong to consider bet365 live streaming free because bettors don’t need to pay for it. Depositing funds in their account or placing bets will automatically give them access to all live streams.
  • Keep in mind that some live streams may not be available in your country due to geo-restrictions.

User Interface: Easy to Navigate

Bet365 live streaming has a simple user interface that is really easy to navigate. Most buttons and features are self-explanatory. I’ll explain as many details as I can about the user interface.

First, when you see the list of ongoing bets on the bet365 website, games that are being streamed live will have a small TV icon on them. They have organised the different streaming options by categorising them according to sports and leagues. It took me about a minute to find the games I was looking for.

Once the live stream begins, you will see the controls for placing bets on the screen, and the game score, betting odds, and other important info will also be displayed. The simplicity of the interface makes it easy to get used to all functions.

Sports Offered on Bet365 Live Stream

As already mentioned, the number of games available for live streaming will vary depending on where you are located. But in general, you can find all the popular sports on bet365. I mostly enjoy bet365 live streaming cricket because it is my favourite sport.

But you can choose from football, basketball, tennis, boxing, golf, races, and many other sports. The variety that they offer includes live streams of most major leagues in sports and even some smaller league games.

Multiple Platforms Compatibility

Bet365’s mobile app offers a seamless experience too. In my case, I found the mobile application more convenient than the website. The biggest advantage of bet365 live streaming on mobile is that bettors can watch the matches and place bets on the go no matter the time and place.

A small downside of the mobile app is that it may get difficult watching more than one match on Multi-View. I have tried it on the website and mobile, and I definitely prefer using Multi-View on a large desktop screen.

But for single matches, you will get an immersive experience on mobile devices. My advice is to use the bet365 live streaming full-screen feature to get a better view of the live matches.

When you use the mobile app for bet365 live streaming, boxing, cricket, football, and many other sports all fit into your pocket.


There are many things that I like about bet365 live streaming features, but what impressed me the most is how useful it is. As long as I have some funds in my bet365 account, I can watch live games anytime, anywhere.

If I place bets, the live streams become accessible for 24 hours. When I’m travelling, I can still access live streaming and betting on mobile.

In many aspects, the live streaming feature is more than just a means to watch live games. It makes betting more interesting and convenient.

I will gladly give live streaming a rating of 4.5 on a scale of 5. I’m sure that all bettors who have decent internet speed will certainly prefer the live streaming option.

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Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

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