Bet365 Payment Issues?

Gambling sites across the Internet have ups and downs in their own aspects. This is not related to the reputation of the site, on not being friendly to the punters. One such site is bet365, which has stood among the top reputed sites of the past and to this date, has its fair share of mounting problems.

One such problematic areas of bet365 have to be the payment areas. Despite the site being one of the trendsetting names to accept bitcoins, the site has struggled heavily over the time. There is no one single reason for the same and is a reason of cluster of problems.

Payment Woes

  • On Delayed Payment: Recently, a case involving bet365 payment problems featured a delayed payout of a lump of 54,000 pounds. The case quickly escalated among social media sites and people, which became a black mark over the site’s reputation. However, bet365 maintained its stand as one of the largest sports book sites and turned the tables over the punter. The future of judicial handling is yet to come out.
  • The case of Irish Horse Betting: This is one of the lows of the site, which again involved bet365 payment problems while highlighting the issue. The case was between a reputed Northern Irish punter, which turned the table for the site. The case from client’s side has soared for the wrong reasons, which has given bet365 authorities a hard time. The site has conducted numerous investigations from their side, and it looks as the case might come down to compromise.
  • Other Issues: bet365 payment problems seem to be one of the site’s recent black marks, all thanks to the reputation they are holding over others. Common issues involving link failure slow processing with vendors have just added to the woes of the customers. What future holds for the site, all depends on how the pay department shapes up?