Bet365 Sports Betting review – A Canadian Perspective

Like most seasoned bettors in Canada, I have given Bet365 a go. It is the brand that most Canadians see when searching for the ideal online betting site. And, like most Canadians, I have come to appreciate the Bet365 platform for everything it has to offer. This is why I took the liberty of writing this unbiased review of the Bet365 online casino and sportsbook.

Here is my unbiased insight, based on my experience, into everything that this platform has to offer Canadian bettors.

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Sports & Markets Available

Bet365 has a presence in over 30 countries across the world. It has been actively searching for any and all suitable sports betting opportunities in regions across the world. The site has hundreds of sports listed, and dozens of markets under each sport category.

The main sports listed on the Bet365 sportsbook are:

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Horse/greyhound racing

Soccer is the biggest sports market on the platform, which is expected since the Bet365 platform is based in the UK. All European leagues are listed, and the site often seeks leagues and tournaments in other places, including Canada and the U.S.

Hockey, a Canadian favorite, is also well represented on the platform. The National Hockey League is always well covered, and there are always listing off-season. Other notable sports markets include horse/greyhound racing, football (both the National Football League and College Football League), and basketball (both the NBA and Euroleague).

Other sports markets covered include golf, tennis, mixed martial arts, UFC, boxing, and motorsports. Sailing and squash listing also feature, but they are not prominent on the platform. The site is also always scouting for any and all notable matches and tournaments across the world.

As mentioned, there are dozens of markets listed under the different sports categories. Common markets and betting options include totals, player totals, team totals, score, team scores, team props, spreads, alternative spreads, and money line. Some sports categories also have unique markets and betting opportunities. The underlying argument is that there is always something to bet on on the Bet365 sportsbook.

Odds & Limits

Bet365 excels in many things, but it unfortunately doesn’t offer the best odds in the market. It, nevertheless, offers odds that are better than the market average – and better than most other Canadian sportsbooks.

To give you a perspective of how the odds on Bet365 work, consider the English soccer leagues. On 50-50 markets, odds usually range around the 1.95 and -1.95 range, which is much higher than the market average. Things get even better when you take all the markets and betting options into consideration, and some games are usually more lucrative than others.

However, the odds fluctuate from one sports category to another. For instance, the odds drop from 1.95 to 1.90 for tennis, American football, and tennis categories.

The limits on the Bet365 platform are never constant – they are always changing to suit the situation. Notably, the odds are also spruced up for select sports and markets, and the Bet365 administration regularly sends out notifications when such opportunities pop up.

There are virtually no limits on the amount of money you can bet on the Bet365 sportsbook – this is speaking relatively to the market average, which runs into thousands of dollars. Bettors can wager their money on single, double, and multiple sports markets, as they see fit.

Additional Features

bet365 sports mobile

The Bet365 platform has a host of handy features to offer its clients. Some of these features are more notable than others. Among its best features is its live streaming technology. It also has a robust mobile app.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the hottest trending features in the online gambling industry. It makes betting all the more enjoyable and engaging by enabling bettors to watch the games they are betting on live in real time.

Bet365’s live streaming feature is easily accessible through the main panel. Bettors get access to thousands of sports events from all over the world. Sports categories covered under this feature include football, soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, snooker, and motorsport, among others. All available sporting events are listed, so you can get access to whichever live event you wish. The sports are streamed in superior HQ and HD qualities for a fulfilling watching experience. Additionally, there are no geo-restrictions, so bettors can stream on-the-go, including outside Canada.

The main requirement for using the live streaming platform is having a funded account – if the account is not funded, then it should have been used to place a bet over the past 24 hours. This feature is accessible even with a balance of as little as $1. However, there are limits to this feature. The main limit is that the video transmission cannot be expanded to the full screen – this is especially frustrating when streaming on a mobile device.

It is also worth mentioning that the live streaming feature is complemented by another feature that is just as exciting and engaging: live betting. The live betting feature allows bettors to wager on ongoing games. This is more exciting and lucrative than conventional betting as it is readier to read the games, and the odds on this platform are usually better than the market average.

The live betting feature is accessible for most sports categories and their respective markets and is easily accessible through the platform’s home page. Combined, these technologies provide the complete watching and betting experience.

Mobile App

The online playground has shifted from PCs and desktops to mobile gadgets. Most people’s gateway to the internet is a smart phone or tablet. In recognition of this, Bet365 has a robust mobile app designed to enable users to bet on-the-go – after all, there is always something to bet on on the Bet365 sportsbook.

The Bet365 mobile app provides access to every feature on the main desktop website. All features are positioned on the app’s main interface for quick access and navigation. The app’s overall design is also designed to optimize ease of use thanks to its perceived simplicity and underlying sophistication.

Some of the most notable features accessible through the Bet365 mobile app include the live streaming technology, so bettors can also enjoy their favorite sports events on-the-go. Other notable features include live betting – the app also supports live data feed, so bettors get access to real-time stats on all ongoing sports events. Essentially, bettors can do everything – from registering on the Bet365 platform to cashing out – through the mobile app just as easily as they would through the desktop website.

The Bet365 app is available for both iOS and Android smart gadgets. It is available freely for download on the Google Play and iTune app stores. Users are urged to upgrade to the latest versions of the app to get access to more and better features. It is also recommendable to use modern, powerful smart gadgets to support all of the app’s features – it should be noted that some of the major features, such as live streaming, are not available on some of the older smart gadgets.

In addition to dedicated mobile apps, Bet365 also has a sleek mobile website. The website is designed to be compatible with mobile web browsers, and it scales to fit different mobile screen sizes. The mobile website, just like the desktop website and dedicated mobile apps, gives access to all of the platform’s features. However, some of the more sophisticated features, including live streaming, are limited on the mobile website.


Bet365 has a strong presence in Canada thanks to its large and loyal clientele base. Having used this platform for years, I have become intimately familiar with everything it has to offer. In my opinion, the Bet365 platform is ideal for Canadian bettors. It not only lists all of Canada’s favorite games but also offers better features and odds than the industry’s average.

The Bet365 online casino and sportsbook is legal in Canada, and its presence in countries all over the world means that there is no shortage of betting opportunities. Registration is quick and simple – it takes minutes to join the platform and start placing bets.