Bet365 Stadium, Home of Stoke City

While talking about gambling games, bet365 is one of the famous names one can ever think. The success pinnacle the site has reached over the years, speaks a large volume of the site, which beckons to be among the best. However, bet365, with its stake and sponsorship rights, have reached a new height of owning a stadium today.

bet365 stadium today is known as a newer name of the erstwhile Britannia Stadium of the past. The stadium is a home of the famous EFL team, Stoke City. The gambling giants bought the stadium in the year 2016 when the club came up to the new stadium naming-rights agreement, which is bet365. The stadium then went for capacity revamp and completed the work by the end of 2017.

The stadium, however, is referred to as the Stoke stadium, owing to stipulation regulated from UEFA suggesting the same.

Short History and Trivia of bet365

  • Stoke City, the famous EFL team, has changed the stadium from its old Victoria Ground to the present day bet365 stadium in the year 1997. As per the history goes, Victoria Ground was their hub for over 117 years, until they switched the colors.
  • The Naming rights for a stadium were given as the responsibility to Britannia Building Society, which came at a cost of 10-year sponsorship deals. However, in the year 2016, as soon as bet365 was the main sponsor for the club, the rights assured to change the name to the bet365 stadium.
  • The stadium is located in a convenient location off the city limits. This has given access for neighborhoods to enjoy their favorite teams, located in the city center. The best part of the location is the number of eateries and BNB’s located in the vicinity. This allows people to enjoy the stay, while enjoying the football match, just in the neighborhood.