All About Bet365 Tipster Competition

This competition is closed

Whilst bet365 is one of the best betting sites, there is no single reason to safely conclude why. The site is among the favorites of the sportsbook lovers today. Online sports competition is a challenging aspect, which bet365 has mastered and has given out some of the more interesting challenges to the punters.

Tipster challenge is one of the famous challenges, which is available for real money punters enrolled to the site. With bet365 tipster challenge, a punter wins points and prizes by adding at least 15 working tips for a particular sport. For a tip to be real, a punter requires to place odds of 10 Euros while at odds of 1.2 or more. For placing bet365 tipster challenge, a person must place the bet and copy the Bet reference ID, when the tip will be activated.

How to Work with Real Tips?

  • Once the bet is placed on the site, the Bet Ref code can be spotted. Usually, the number is a combination of 2 letters and around 10 numbers.
  • In the next step, a punter can see the account History and filter the Unsettled Sports Bets, of the last 24 hours.
  • In the next step, the Real Tip ID is displayed, which also happens to be the Bet Confirmation reference number on the table.
  • Finally, in the end, this reference id will be the main tip for the punter, and they require sending the same to bet365 tipster The punter requires filling the same in the field called as the Real Tip ID, which shows when placing odds, which is over 1.2.

So this is how bet365 tipster competition works, which pays a good amount of money to the punters, after the submission of 15 proper tips. Thus, sports punters can alternatively score real tips using the method