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Registering with Betfair AU: Our Guide & Some Tips 

Betfair Australia has been in operation for many years now, and they have grown to be very successful. While Betfair is a globally recognized sports and casino provider, the operation in Australia is somewhat unique. Rather than providing mainstream betting services, the site operates as a trading exchange for sporting events only. Here players can trade in-play odds against other players in an attempt to make a profit. Odds fluctuate throughout sporting events, and this fluctuation is what players try to profit from.

With that being the overview of the site’s operations, Betfair Australia, of course, has a sign-up process that is required. The entire process is given in the 7 steps outlined below.

  • Select the join now button at the top right-hand corner of the home page
  • Complete first name, last name, gender, and date of birth
  • Fill in the country, address and phone number
  • Assign an email address to the account and create a password
  • Designate a security question for the account along with the answer
  • Specify the desired currency along with a deposit limit
  • Click join now to open the account and start playing
  • Enter our Betfair Promo Code Australia

Tips: Players will be offered the chance to make a deposit immediately after registration has been completed. Players must also enter a valid Australian address in order to use the site.

FAQ: What Players Need to Know 

While Betfair Australia has been in operation for a long time, new players will, of course, have certain queries about the site. Many of the main questions are answered below.

Q. Are there any hidden charges to use my account?

Betfair Australia does not charge anything to open an account. They also do not charge anything to maintain the account. Therefore it is completely free to be a member of the site and take part in their offerings.

Q. Can I make deposits and withdrawals easily?

The site supports many of the major deposit and withdrawal methods as seen across many other online gambling providers. With the range available, players should not have an issue finding a suitable method in which to deposit or withdraw funds.

Q. Does Betfair Australia have provisions if I feel my gambling is getting out of control?

The site takes responsible gambling extremely seriously, and there are multiple provisions in place to support this. Players have the option to set deposit limits which can only be changed after a specified time frame. The site also has various links to third-party support networks that are easily accessible.

Q. Can I contact customer support easily should I have any issues?

There are two main methods available on the site. First of all, there is a contact number that players can use to reach customer services. Secondly, there is an email address posted on the site that players can use to get help.  The site monitors both of these methods 24 hours a day.

Q. Is there a promo code I could use?

Yes, you can enter the Betfair Promo Code Australia.

Betfair Exchange Platform: A Closer Look 

Ergonomy: Exceptional, Although it Can Get Overwhelming for Newbies 

Betfair Australia lists all of their available sports separately in a listed format. Whichever sport a player chooses to bet on, they can simply click on the sport and be taken to a separate list of competitions. The site truly is very simple to navigate, and this is an essential aspect when betting in a live situation. Players need to be able to locate the various sports and games quickly, and Betfair Australia has designed their site to facilitate this. Betfair Australia has clearly invested heavily into the overall appearance of their platform. The overall bets placed on the exchange are displayed in blue and in pink. The two variations show the odds and amounts that other players are actually betting for that outcome. Players can easily see the total amount wagered on a particular outcome and make their betting decisions from there. While players can watch the exchange without logging in, they need to sign in to see their account balance and start placing wagers. The sign-in process is very simple, and players can also create a four-digit passcode to log in even quicker. Besides the four-digit passcode, players can instruct the site to keep them logged in to access their account even quicker.

Sports: Cricket, Horse Racing & Others 

  • Range of sports

The exchange offers a broad range of sports for their members to enjoy and place wagers on. As expected, the site offers all of the major Australian sports including the AFL and NRL. They also offer many of the major sports globally including tennis, soccer, horse racing, and golf.

  • Range of markets

Since the site is an exchange rather than a standard bookmaker, it varies somewhat compared with other providers. Arguably, Betfair Australia offers a broader range of markets compared with mainstream bookmakers. Players can bet on handicaps, back and lay betting, spread betting, and money line markets. Of course, the odds of these fluctuate depending on what is occurring during any given game.

  • Odds

This is an interesting one since the odds are based on other players and not the bookmaker. However, given the nature of a betting exchange, it would be fair to say that players can actually lock in better odds compared with other providers. Players need to be experienced and knowledgeable of whatever sport they are betting on, but they can certainly lock in better odds through live trading as opposed to live betting. Remember to enter our Betfair Promo Code Australia.

  • In-play visuals

The various sports and games offered for in-play betting are shown in a clear and concise way. Sports and games are shown in a list format and the various odds and amounts wagered are updated almost down to the second. The exchange is a rapidly changing space in terms of odds and wagers, yet the overall display is clear and easy for players to use.

  • Speed of updated odds during live-play

Odds will constantly fluctuate during a competitive sporting event. The odds displayed of course reflect what is occurring during the game, and the Betfair exchange updates odds very quickly. For example, in a game of tennis, the odds will be updated after each and every point. Players also have the option to refresh the page should there be any technical issues. This ensures that they will always have access to the most recent odds.

Banking Options: Very Good  

Deposit: Betfair Australia has a respectable range of deposit methods available. In fact, they currently support 7 methods that customers can use to put funds in their account. The 7 methods along with their processing times, minimum requirements and fees are listed below.

  • Visa – $10 minimum deposit amount, instantly available with no fees
  • MasterCard – $10 minimum deposit amount, instantly available with no fees
  • Poli internet banking – $5 minimum deposit amount, instantly available with no fees
  • BPay – $5 minimum deposit amount, 1-3 working days processing time with no fees
  • Bank Transfer – $5 minimum deposit amount, 1-3 working days processing time with no fees
  • Nab – $5 minimum deposit amount, 1-3 working days processing time with no fees
  • Credit Union Transfer – $5 minimum deposit amount, 1-3 working days processing time with no fees

Note: No fee only applies to the Betfair exchange itself. The various third party companies may charge a fee.

Withdrawals: The withdrawal methods available are basically identical to the deposit methods. There are however variations in the minimum withdrawal amounts and processing times. The various methods are listed below.

  • Visa – No minimum amount, processing times or fees indicated
  • MasterCard– No minimum amount, processing times or fees indicated
  • BPay – No minimum amount or fees indicated, the processing time is 1-3 working days
  • Bank Transfer – $20 minimum amount, free to do and processing time is 1-3 working days
  • Nab – $20 minimum amount, free to do and processing time is 1-3 working days
  • Credit Union Transfer – $20 minimum amount, free to do and processing time is 1-5 working days

Customer Support Quality: Good Enough 

The site has two main methods for their members to contact the customer support team. These two methods are listed below.

  • Email: There is an email link available on the site. And the site also specifies that this service is available 24 hours a day, although no exact response time is given.
  • Contact number: There are actually a couple of contact numbers available on the site. Betfair Australia specifies that this service is available 24 hours a day. It is unclear however whether this number can be used without any additional charges.

The site has no live chat service available.

Betfair Android App & Mobile Site: Key Characteristics 

Mobile Application 

  • iOS and Android availability: Betfair Australia has ensured that they cater to all with their mobile application. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android, making the site’s offerings accessible to a large number of on the go bettors.
  • Price graphs: Players have the additional feature of being able to see price graphs for in-play bets. This shows a historical view of how other players have been placing wagers during an event.
  • Cash out option: Players can cash out at the touch of a button on the mobile app.
  • Mobile Specials: There are no mobile specials but you can still enter our Betfair Promo Code Australia upon registration.

Mobile Site

  • Easy navigation: Just like the desktop site, the mobile site is easy to navigate with list formats and clearly labeled sections. Players should be able to access the area they are looking for without any issues.
  • Cash out option: Just like the mobile app, the mobile site also offers cash out at the touch of a button.
  • Optimized platform: The mobile site has been optimized making it simple and easy for players to use.

Our Review: The Best Exchange Platform for Sports & Casino

Betfair Australia offers a platform that has snowballed in popularity over the years. The exchange format is particularly unique and provides an opportunity for players to bet against one another instead of the bookmaker. It could be criticized that the exchange format is overcomplicated, particularly to sports bettors who do not bet so often. That being said, the platform is well put together and players should be able to navigate the desktop and mobile sites easily. Remember to enter our Betfair Promo Code Australia upon registration. The cash-out feature is also very appealing for those looking to lock in profits before the close of an event. To conclude, Betfair Australia is a reliable and exciting platform for those looking to bet on sports a little differently.

Top 3 Alternatives to Betfair Australia

PointsBet Australia

Points Bet is a growing online sports provider also operating from Australia. They have a huge range of sports to bet on. As well as that, they have a good depth of markets for each individual sport. The odds aren’t particularly impressive and they more or less offer the market average for each event.


The range of sports combined with casino games makes them a well-established competitor. They offer one of the more comprehensive sportsbooks seen online in terms of actual sports offered. Definitely, one of the best and it is totally recommended. If you are a fan of mobile betting the bet365 mobile app won’t disappoint you.

Unibet Australia

Unibet Australia is another well-known online sports provider. They are a mainstream bookmaker rather than an exchange like Betfair Australia. They also have a blog and even Unibet TV, which makes them quite unique. They also offer live streaming on select events. Some players on the site may be disappointed that live streaming is not available for all sports.


Top 3 Questions About Betfair Australia

Q. If I forget my login details can I rectify this easily?

On the home page of the site, there is a link that says ‘forgot your password?’. Players simply need to follow this link and they will be guided through a process to make a new password if necessary. Should players forget their username, they can call 1300-238-324 and a member of the customer support team will be able to assist.

Q. Are there any minimum wager requirements on the platform?

Yes, there are. The site enforces a minimum wager amount of $5 whether bets are placed online or over the phone.

Q. What are the advantages of using Betfair Australia instead of another provider?

This is a common question, especially for players who are unfamiliar with a betting exchange. By operating as a betting exchange rather than a typical bookie, players can actually bet on the price or odds that they want. This is because they are betting against other players rather than the actual bookie itself.

Essentially, players are of course betting on various sports but they stand to win more due to the exchange format.


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