How to close a Bet365 Account?

Ways to Shut bet365 Account

Gambling sometimes turns out to be a serious addiction, which has an adverse effect on how people lead their lives. Therefore, it is always a wise move to come out of the habit, when a person deems it is getting better of him/ her. Which is one reason, bet365; one of the main players in the industry has called out an option to close the account. Thus, it is time to feel relieved, as simple steps can avert one of the bad habits, which comes free of cost.

Tips to Remember

  • As bet365 close account options do not directly appear on the home page, there are simple tips, which will help in shutting the habit and account for good. What is to note here is once the account is shut down, the punters will have no authority to access the account or recover the funds. Once again, punters are responsible for taking back all the funds to their accounts, as it is always recoverable.
  • In the first step of bet365 close account move, a punter should log in the site and click on My Accounts tab on the top of a toolbar. On observing, the 4th tab will contain the account close option.
  • On clicking the option, punters will be taken to a separate page, which will give a single option called closure period. Under this scheme, there are further two options in the taking.
    • The first option gives out the duration period. In this aspect, punters will require to choose the duration, which is best suited.
    • In the 2nd option, the punters face an option called as until. With this option, they can choose their time off from the site. The time ranges from days, months to years, until the point the account will be shut.
  • Finally, the site may ask on why to shut down the account. A punter can choose their reasons from the drop box or can cite their own reasons.
  • In the end, an account is shut.