Pointsbet Live Streaming Review 2024

Pointsbet is a fast-growing bookmarker specializing in racing and sports!

While Australia’s betting landscape is subject to strict gambling rules such as prohibited live betting, it permits some of the best bookmarkers to operate in the country. Pointsbet is particularly a bookmarker of interest given its emphasis on spread betting and fixed odds. In this review, we answer the question, is there live betting on Pointsbet?

Pointsbet Live Streaming Review: What you Need to Know 

Live betting is becoming an almost indispensable feature on almost every sportsbook in the world, but no entirely. In countries such as Australia where gambling laws prohibit betting on live games unless a punter telephones support desk of a betting company, there are a few exceptions. After launching its operations in 2017, the company is now a licensed bookmaker in Australia. Spread betting in particular, is a feature that epitomizes its sportsbook and betting markets. 

Pointsbet, like any other betting company in Australia, operates under Northern Territory Racing Commission. Racing is particularly a famous sport in this part of the world, and so a question we asked is does the company stream games live? Most punters would want to assume so, especially those who have not used the sportsbook. 

Pointsbet Streaming Features

Pointsbet partnered with major sports league in Australia, something that gave it a facelift. However, its live stream features are subject to legal restrictions. Punters who want to use the bookmarker can only follow live stats on the platform because there is no video streaming. 

  • Live In-Play is a popular feature among those who want to follow and bet on their favourite sports. 
  • There is also a live call-in feature, through which bettors can reach Pointsbet support if they want to place stakes on live games.
  • Live game stats such as minute-by-minute game update, live odds, live betting markets and player stats. 
  • In-Play betting via mobile App. 
  • Live game scheduling. 

Live Streaming Review 

Its partnership with top leagues like AFL, NRL, Cricket Australia, Football Federation of Australia and Rugby Union throws spanners into the works about Pointsbet live streaming. However, the bookmarker does not have a live stream feature. It means, apart from following live games, there is no option for video game streaming. 

How to access the streaming service 

While there is no live streaming on Pointsbet, punters can still access available live game features such as stats on their mobile platform and website. 

Mobile access guide

You can either download Pointsbet android app or iPhone mobile App. 

  • For android users, click the download android icon on the official site to download APK file. You should enable install apps from unknown sources for the process to complete. 
  • iPhone users will be directed to Apple App store after clicking the respective download link. Follow the prompts to install the App. 
  • Once installed, login and start accessing live stats on Pointsbet sportsbook. Pointsbet Australia Live Streaming Rules state that once can only bet on live games by calling support who then directs on the procedures of placing a bet.

Bonuses and Offers

Australian gambling laws prohibit any form of inducements on betting platforms. Thus, whether punters register on Pointsbet using codes or note, they stand no claim to such gains. 

User Interface, how it functions?

Because we wanted to explore the nattiest and grittiest of Pointsbet, especially how to use live streaming on Pointsbet Australia, it was prudent that we also delve into exploring their sportsbooks interface. The official website, which is also accessible on their mobile App has a relatively dark theme. Texts on the sportsbook are blue, white or red depending on the purpose they serve. From a review perspective, the background is not very appealing, especially when we compared it to other betting companies such as Neds. We feel the bookmarker should have come up with a better theme. 

Which sports are covered?

The next question we wanted to answer is if there is live streaming on Pointsbet Australia, which games are available for streaming. But since there is no video streaming, we shifted our attention to In-Play function, a feature that makes it feel like watching games live.  

Sports listed for In-Play can be found on the sportsbook by clicking next games. On the left menu panel, punters can also access this feature and follow live games through live stats covering odds, betting markets and minute-by-minute game progress. Sports available for In-Play are racing, ATP cup, NBA, A-league, rugby, cricket, AFL and tennis. 

Any special features unique to the Bookmaker 

Spread betting

A notable unique feature on Pointsbet is spread betting, a punting option popular with fantasy sports. With this method, bettors win or lose based on units by which a stake wins or loses. For example, if one wins by 10 units, they win 10x their stake. The same applies to lost bets.  A winning equals the difference in points/spread multiplied by your spread. 


Pointsbet remains one of Australia’s fast-rising sports bookmarker. It allows bettors to earn money betting on their favourite sports, with cricket, racing and soccer being the most popular on the platform. However, when it comes to live-betting guide on Pointsbet, we would say, punters who are looking to sign for the first time should take note that gambling laws in this part of the world prohibit live betting. 

You can follow live sports states by navigating to In-Play section but there is no provision for staking on games live. To do, you must, first of all, call Pointsbet support desk from which you get the right procedures for placing live bets. You can choose from wide-ranging betting markets, and then apply either spread or fixed odds betting. 

Now, considering all the above, we would say, Pointsbet is a favourable bookmaker that operates within Australian laws. In other countries such as the U.S.A where it equally exists, punters may have a very different experience on the platform. From a review perspective, we rate the platform at 4.2/5.