Pointsbet Review 2024

Pointsbet is a popular sportsbook in Australia, allowing bettors to wager on their favourite sports. Since its launch in 2017, Pointsbet in Australia became the first spread betting company to get a license to operate in the country. In this Pointsbet review, we look at its features, including why we would or not recommend it.

Pointsbet Review: Top Sections 

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Pointsbet – Main Sportsbook features 

Among the notable feature on pointsbet is that you can bet with as little as $0.50. The maximum payout is $50,000 within a 24-hour period. You can deposit and withdraw funds using a debit/credit card and also direct bank transfer. Other notable features include:

Mobile App 

Most Pointsbet mobile review will mention that there is an App that makes it easy to bet on the go. But that is not the catch. Since most bookmakers now have mobile applications, we wanted to find out if Pointsbet mobile app is useful. It is easy-to-use? How about the design of the user interface? We had to download the App to answer the above questions. 

First off, we noted that bettors can access all Pointsbet website features via their mobile App. The application is available for android and iOS users. It is free but you need substantial storage space on your phone to download and install Pointsbet app. In a nutshell, the App is very useful, simple and easy to use, giving you the same great experience you would get on pointsbetaustralia website.

Live Streaming 

At the time of writing this pointbetaustralia review, there is no live streaming on the platform. We know it is not good news for bettors looking to use the platform. However, the agency may be considering having a live streaming function soon. 


Pointsbet AU has two cash out options namely bank wire transfer and credit/debit card withdrawal option. 

Odds & Limits 

Unfortunately, there are no Pointsbet odds. It is because the bookmarker focuses on spread betting and point system. Bettors make money based on the accuracy of their spreads. We noted that there is a spread level which denotes a difference between plus line and minus line or over and under.  Moreover, depending on how volatile each betting market is, spreads vary. Take, for example, 0.2 goals for soccer and 3 points spread for American Football. 

It is a 50/50 risk situation for both the bookmarker and bettors hence player-friendly. However, the system is not as popular as traditional odds unless you are a big risk-taker.

Sports and markets available 

We noted that the significance of Pointsbet in the Australian gambling scene is spread betting. Spread betting is where bettors get paid on the premise of prediction accuracy. Your spread is compared against that of a bookmarker before a payout is determined. The amount you take home in spread betting with Pointsbet depends on losing or winning margin, which is a direct opposite of fixed-odds betting. You can learn more about how spread betting works, including how to use spread betting calculator specific to Australian gambling industry. 

Now, when we checked betting markets that Pointsbet covers, we noted it is similar to most sportsbooks regardless of its emphasis on spread betting. Some sports available for betting on this platform include:

  • American Football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Cricket

The sportsbook covers lots of sports on which you can bet on. Others include netball, eSports, rugby league, cycling, swimming, motorsports, boxing, golf, ice hockey and many others. On further inquiry, we noted that one of the Pointsbet specials is that it has up to 300 betting markets for every sport. It means you can choose from many betting options to maximize your chances in spread betting. NBA, in particular, is a special feature on the platform with more than 100 markets at your disposal. 

In ice hockey, betting markets include ‘time of team goals’, ‘time of first short,’ ‘time of the first goal’ and ‘time of the first penalty.’ Bettors who would want to wager on soccer can also choose from markets such as ‘time of the third goal,’ ‘match the first goal,’ ‘time of the second goal,’ and many other options. 

Pointsbet Revie: Additional Features 

Given that most Pointsbet reviews do not mention how it works, let’s quick share our experience on the platform. You wager in two ways namely spreads and points. If you choose spread betting, your payout is determined by multiplying your stake and difference between total/chosen margin and the outcome. To cushion itself against loses in spread betting, the sportsbook retains an amount of money higher than your stake. If you lose heavily, the money goes to Pointsbet. 

We also noted that bettors can vary risk levels by setting a stop loss and winning point before staking. You should, however, note restricting losses has the same effort on potential winnings. Bookmarkers make a profit based on totals/lines/margins and not odds. The spread is the difference between totals/lines. 

You can also opt for points betting, a feature on Pointsbet. Also known as the points system, bettors can wager on markets such as position a team reaches, say in playoffs. You can check this information on points betting system to learn how it works.  

Pointsbet Online Review – A Relatively Good Site 

Based on our Pointsbet online review, we would say that it gives bettors a chance to choose from many betting markets. But while Pointsbet is a licensed spread betting company in Australia, ownership of the company remains a mystery. Given how strict Australian gambling laws are, the bookmarker does not have live betting/streaming feature. The maximum payout is $50,000 but only after every24 hours. It applies to all stakes regardless of the betting market. 

We also noted that bettors who hold dormant Pointsbet accounts for a period more than 18 months are charged $10 reactivation fee. However, it only applies to accounts that have zero balance. To keep your account active, you must place a bet or withdraw funds. 

Pointsbet is a relatively good website. We especially recommend it to those who understand spread betting and how to wager using points system. Since it is a legally established entity, Pointsbet is a trustworthy bookmaker that processes payouts and deposits as per the gambling laws of Australia.