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Expires on: 31-12-2019
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 Unibet Bonus Code Australia
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Unibet Australia Bonus Code 2019: Daily Specials

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How to Register with Unibet AU: A Quick Guide & Some Tips  

Unibet Australia is a popular sport and racing online bookmaker. This site operates in Australia and is therefore governed by Australian gambling regulations. The site differs from other Australian providers since they have no casino offering. Given that the site is a regulated Internet betting provider, members need to follow a structured sign up process. The necessary steps are detailed below.

The entire process can actually be completed in just 5 steps.

  • Follow the yellow register button at the top right-hand corner of the sites home page
  • Page 1 (personal details): Complete first name, last name, email, date of birth, Page 2 (physical address): fill out address details, must be an Australian address
  • Page 3 (security info): create a password and select a security question along with the answer
  • Declaration: check the box declaring you are at least 18 years old and agree to the terms and conditions
  • After completing these steps click the yellow join now button to open the account

Tips: Players need to have a physical address in Australia to gain full betting access to the Unibet site. All information given will be checked and confirmed by Unibet Australia for security purposes. Remember to enter the Unibet Bonus Code Australia upon registration.

FAQ: Key Information to Keep in Mind 

Unibet as an overall brand has been in business for over 20 years. However, they are still not in the main spotlight for Australia’s online betting market. This being the case, people are naturally curious as to how reputable and trustworthy the site is, as well as curious for how the site actually works. Many of these common concerns are addressed below.

Q. Is it possible to have more than one account registered with Unibet?

In an effort to control and promote responsible gambling, Unibet only allows one registered account per user. This account is free to open and is subject to certain requirements before players can bet with real money.

Q. Will I need to verify my account?

Unibet is within their rights to ask you to supply additional evidence for account verification. This is not due to suspicion, and account verification is common practice with online betting providers.

Q. Can I contact customer support easily if I have account issues?

The site has 3 available options to help with any issues encountered by customers. These include an email address, live chat support, and contact number. For more urgent issues, it is recommended that players use the live chat or contact the support team by phone.

Q. How long does it take for winnings to be credited to my account?

Unibet Australia aims to credit all winnings to a players account within just a few minutes. Given that the site is a sports and racing provider, winnings will be paid out upon completion of the event.

Q. Does the site encourage responsible gambling?

The site takes responsible gambling extremely seriously. Players can set deposit limits, playing time limits and even completely exclude themselves from the platform if they need a cooling off period. If players feel like they are losing control, the site has multiple links for other external help services.

Q. Is there a promo code I could use?

Yes, you can enter the Unibet Australia Bonus Code.

Unibet Australia: Play Casino, Poker & Sports – A Closer Look 

The site has a running blog available where interesting and relatable articles are constantly published. The articles are often related to particular sporting events around the world and are presented with clear English and enjoyable visuals. On these blog members of the site can also contribute towards free betting tips, which gives the site a nice community feels to it.

Ergonomy: Very Simple 

The site is structured in a very simple way. All of the various sections are clearly labeled and can be easily seen by users. The site also has a striking color scheme, which allows players to navigate around the platform with ease.

Games & Sports: Great Variety, Competitive Odds 

  • Competitive odds

The site presents a wealth of sporting and racing odds and covers an incredibly vast range of sporting events. The odds offered are quite competitive compared with other sports betting providers. In addition to this, the site has an efficient live betting system in place that allows players to lock in odds as they fluctuate during an event.

Unibet Australia has all of the specific odds for each sporting event clearly labeled. They are presented in a dark green box at the side of the sporting event. Odds are listed in a decimal format by default, yet players can change this to fractional after opening an account. Remember to enter the Unibet Australia Bonus Code upon registration to get the best odds.

  • Expert edge

Not only does the site facilitate shared betting knowledge, but they also have an entire section dedicated to this. By visiting the expert edge section of the site, players can access full match previews as well as betting suggestions based on the odds given. This is almost a guiding hand for sports bettors who may be lacking in knowledge for certain sports.

  • Live streaming service

Unibet Australia has live streaming options for a wide variety of sports available on the site. The service runs smoothly providing players to have a good Internet connection, and full-screen live streaming is also an option. Players must have a live bet in play or have funds in their account to access this service.

  • Market range for horse racing

Sports bettors are demanding more and more variety these days for their betting experiences. Unibet Australia has a great range of markets across multiple horse racing events. Odds are updated constantly in the lead up to a race, and this allows players to pick and choose the odds that they want to lock in. Players also do not need to just bet on an overall winner. They can bet on a horse to place as well as many other markets.

  • Accumulator betting

Players can add multiple selections to their betting slip for both sports betting and horse racing. This allows players to aim for greater returns by combining a series of outcomes into one bet. In order to win the money, however, players must get all of the predictions correct, which makes this type of betting slightly riskier.

Banking Options 

Deposit: Unibet Australia provides 4 different methods on their site that users can add funds with. The specific methods are not given, but the 4 categories are. These are listed below.

  • Debit card – usually processed in 2-3 minutes, no fees or minimum deposit amount indicated
  • Credit card – usually processed in 2-3 minutes, no fees or minimum deposit amount indicated
  • Poli internet banking – no fees indicated, usually processed in 2-3 minutes with no minimum deposit
  • Pay Pal– no minimum, fees may apply and processing time can vary

Note: While Unibet Australia may not charge any fees for specific transactions, the chosen provider may do. Players should look at this before choosing their deposit method to avoid any unwanted fees.

Withdrawals: The withdrawal methods available are fewer than the deposit methods. Unibet Australia appears to only support 3 methods. These are labeled below.

  • Bank transfer – No minimum amount, processing times can range from 3-10 business days, no fees suggested
  • Poli internet banking– No minimum amount, processing times can be as long as 10 business days, no fees given
  • Pay Pal – fees may apply, processing time could be 3-10 business days, no minimum amount is given

Note: depending on the method chosen (and if it is the first withdrawal request) Unibet Australia may ask for additional verification details. This should only apply to the first deposit request from the site, after which the player details should be readily available for the site to automatically release funds.

Customer Support Quality: Good Enough 

  • Gambling profile

This is a very unique feature that shows just how seriously Unibet Australia takes responsible gambling. The site has implemented a 9-question survey that allows players to assess just how in control they really are based on their responses. At the end of the survey, players are presented with a score and helpful remarks towards helping them stay in control.

The site has 3 main methods that customers can use to contact the support team. A cool feature of the site is that the response times are shown as an average figure, thus allowing players to choose the quickest option.

  • Email

There is an email link available from the site. Players can simply click the click and submit their request. Email response times are fixed at a maximum response time of 8 hours.

  • Phone number

Players can choose to call the customer support team, and the number is given on the site. The average response time for this service is 2 minutes 30 seconds. There is no indication as to whether this is a free service.

  • Live Chat

The site has a constantly available live chat service. However, should a customer want to speak to an agent they will need to use the service between 9:30 am and 3:30 am. This is quite good considering the support is only unavailable for 6 hours each day.

Unibet Mobile App & Site: Innovative, One of the Best 

Mobile Application

  • iOS and Android availability: Unibet Australia has provided a mobile app for both of these platforms, and the service is exactly the same for both.
  • Live streaming on the go: Players have the added luxury of being able to watch their favorite sporting events unfold while on the go. This feature requires an adequate Internet connection.
  • Live betting on the go: Long gone are the days where the player could only place live bets from a desktop site. Unibet Australia has this feature readily available from the mobile app.
  • Daily Mobile Offers: There are no special offers for the mobile but you can still enter the Unibet Bonus Code Australia upon registration.

Mobile Site 

  • Full account access: Players can log in easily from the mobile site, and they are not limited by any restrictions in terms of game availability. They have full access to sporting events and racing events.
  • Optimized platform: It is becoming increasingly common that sites have optimized their mobile site with so many players betting on the go. Unibet Australia has also incorporated this into their mobile platform.

Our Review: A Great Experience, Definitely Recommended

Unibet Australia is an exciting sport and racing provider in the Internet betting space. They have much greater interaction with their members than many other sites, and this is done through a running blog and aspects such as Unibet TV. Free betting tips are also provided across the site.

It’s easy to see why this site would be popular with sports betting enthusiasts, however, it certainly would not appeal to those looking for casino gaming as an option. This being said, the site has a great range of sports to bet on and they are not limited to just a couple of markets per sport.

All of this combined makes Unibet Australia an exciting prospect, and they will definitely appeal to younger sports bettors due to the many modern aspects of the site. Older sports bettors may mind the site cluttered due to so many features on offer and they may look for a more simplified provider. To conclude, the site deserves to be as popular as it is due to the range of sports, horses racing and interactions with their members.

Top 3 Alternatives to Unibet Australia

Points Bet Australia

Points Bet competes directly with Unibet since they operating in the same market. They have a good range of sports to bet on, and shallow markets do not limit them. The site does not have a casino offering for its members. Points Bet also does not place such great emphasis on horse racing, which is quite a popular sport for betting enthusiasts.

Bet365 Australia

Definitely one of the best operators in the world. On Bet365 you will be able to play poker, bingo, casino, vegas, and sports. It offers one of the best sportsbooks in the market. What is more, mobile applications are just great. Bet365 is one of the most legit operators, so it is definitely recommended in case you didn’t like Unibet Australia.

Betfair Australia

Betfair Australia does operate in the sports betting niche, yet they do so in a very different way. The site is a betting exchange as opposed to a mainstream bookmaker. This system creates better odds for sports bettors and provides an opportunity for greater returns. The digital services such as live streaming and customer interaction are not as comprehensive as Unibet Australia.

Top 3 Questions about Unibet Australia

Q. Where do I find the outcomes of my bets?

Players can easily see the outcome of any and all bets through visiting the ‘my account’ section. Here players can see a history of their bets as well any currently active bets.

Q. Can I live stream the events I have bet on?

Yes, you can. Unibet Australia has live stream availability for a broad range of sporting events. Players must either have a live bet in play or have funds in their account to use this service. Besides these requirements, the service is entirely free.

Q. Is Unibet legit in Australia?

Yes, definitely. Unibet is a licensed operator in Australia.


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